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Talking solutions
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Our goal is to provide your business with solutions, the services we offer are designed to support that overall strategy.

We place particular emphasis on the SME market where buying skills for specific projects or problem resolution is often the only affordable way to run a business. By supplying highly reliable, quality solutions on time and to budget Busted Networks has become the supplier of choice for many small organisations.

By listening to your plans, wish lists and concerns, we can help you find solutions expressed in your language, talk business processes not technology. Busted Networks employs staff with a wealth of business experience that is not bounded by the IT industry, feel comfortable talking on your own level to consultants with higher management business experience.

Busted Networks design networks and systems, we specify and/or supply the hardware, software and services. Full configuration, test, documentation, implementation and ongoing support services lead you to the solution you require.

Busted Networks providing you
with the skills you need when you need them.

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