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Word/Phrase Filter

Policy Patrol Enterprise

Anti spam, content filtering, disclaimers and archiving

Policy Patrol Enterprise offers a complete solution for protecting your company against email threats such as legal liability, damage to reputation, loss of productivity, network congestion, and confidentiality breaches, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance. Policy Patrol works with Exchange 2003, 2000, 5.5 and Lotus Domino, and offers all features included in Policy Patrol Archiver, Zip, Disclaimers and Spam Filter, plus additional features such as attachment blocking, content checking, reporting, archiving, anti-virus (optional) and many more email management features.

The product is easy to install and configure, and its powerful rules wizard allows you to create customized user-based rules by specifying conditions, exceptions and actions. Policy Patrol blocks spam right out-of-the-box and includes several sample rules that can get your email system fully protected within minutes after installation. Policy Patrol is used by companies such as Nissan, USA.net, Targus, Canadian Pacific Railway, Lotto, Fujitsu Services (Central Government customer), Daewoo and many more.

Email content security features include

Disclaimers & signatures
Content checking
Auto replies & lead management
Email management
User licensing
System requirements

Policy Patrol uses a multi-layered anti-spam approach to effectively detect spam messages, analyzing headers, content and third party lists. Spam messages can be forwarded to a junk mail folder, quarantined or deleted and can include a header or tag. Quarantined mails can be viewed from the program or via the web. Policy Patrol includes an advanced challenge/response system and allows users to update white lists and black lists via public folders and mailboxes. Policy Patrol Enterprise includes all anti-spam features included in Policy Patrol Spam Filter.

Disclaimers & signatures
Policy Patrol Disclaimers offers advanced user-based disclaimer & signature features such as formatting, merge fields, HTML disclaimers with pictures & tables, and disclaimers as text attachments. Furthermore, Policy Patrol can avoid adding multiple disclaimers when replying or forwarding and can position signatures after the last entered message text. Policy Patrol works with Exchange 2003, Exchange 2000 & Exchange 5.5, Lotus Notes/Domino and any other SMTP mail server. If installed on Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003, Policy Patrol can add disclaimers to internal as well as external mails. Policy Patrol Enterprise includes all disclaimer & signature features included in Policy Patrol Disclaimers.

Content checking

Intelligent keyword filtering

Policy Patrol offers sophisticated keyword filtering using case sensitivity and word scores. Furthermore Policy Patrol includes word pattern matching enabling the program to find variations of words with one single regular expression. The product ships with several sample word/phrase filters (including regular expressions) which can be used to classify messages. Identified messages can be deleted, quarantined or forwarded/copied to another mailbox.

Word/phrase filtering with Policy Patrol

Attachment quarantining, stripping and delaying

Policy Patrol allows you to check attachments on type, size, name, number of attachments and spoofing. Policy Patrol can also check files inside zip files. You can block or remove certain attachments or delay messages with large attachments. Finally, you can configure Policy Patrol to block spoofed attachments, i.e. attachments of which the actual file format has been disguised.

Policy Patrol reports show information on the number of messages sent and received, their size, destination, types of attachments and rules triggered. Policy Patrol also includes detailed anti spam reports. Reports can be auto generated and emailed.

Policy Patrol can archive messages to Microsoft SQL server and includes an Outlook add-in that users can install to retrieve and restore their emails. The Administrator can also restore emails from other users. In addition to email archiving, the program can be used as an additional backup method; if disaster strikes, your last Exchange backup tape is not likely to be any more recent than yesterday’s emails. However, with email archiving enabled, Policy Patrol will provide you with a backup of all emails sent and received right up until the last minute. In this way you will never have to lose a single email again. Policy Patrol Enterprise includes all the archiving features of Policy Patrol Archiver.

Auto replies & lead management
By making use of email notifications, Policy Patrol can automatically send a message upon receipt of an email with a certain subject or body. For instance, if you make use of a web form to request a product brochure, Policy Patrol can automatically send an email message with the brochure attached (to do this you must configure the web form so that it includes the requester as the sender of the form). You can automatically add the email address to a list so that no duplicates will be sent. It is also possible to configure Policy Patrol to send a follow up after a certain time period by making use of automatic folder tasks and notifications. Finally, should you require an unsubscribe option, Policy Patrol can automatically remove email addresses from a list upon receipt of a message with a certain subject, for instance with 'unsubscribe' in the subject.

Email management
Policy Patrol includes a number of email management features that can help you increase efficiency, save bandwidth and improve your professional image:

Delaying of messages

If messages are large, and/or they contain large attachments, you can decide to delay them and deliver at off-peak times. This will save you valuable bandwidth and will avoid your mail system getting blocked. Alternatively you can delay all messages for a short time, allowing the user to recall their messages.

Send blind copy

Policy Patrol can send a blind copy of certain messages for monitoring or backup purposes. Blind copies can also be used for workflow management. You can specify a particular email address, select to send a blind copy to the sender's or recipient's manager, or select a filter to send the blind copy to. Furthermore, copies can be sent to different mailboxes per user or group, and by specifying conditions in the rules wizard you can configure only certain emails to be copied, for instance only messages that contain certain words in the subject and/or body.

Auto printing

Policy Patrol gives you the option to automatically print certain mails to a printer or to a pdf document. This can be useful if you need to keep a record of all sent messages, or you need to provide proof that a disclaimer was added.

Customization of NDRs and DSNs

Policy Patrol allows administrators to customize their Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs) and Non Deliverable Reports (NDRs) by making use of notification messages and DSN fields. By customizing these messages, Administrators can include their own instructions and contact details as well as attach the original message to the notification. Each DSN can be customized with a different template.

Workflow options

Policy Patrol offers automatic folder management, deleting or moving items to other folders after x number of days, and optionally sending a notification message. This allows administrators and managers to automatically offload tasks if the workload gets too much.

Convert to plain text & block scripts

In order to block HTML scripts or decrease bandwidth usage, you can configure certain emails to be converted to plain text. You can also choose to quarantine messages with scripts so that an administrator or manager can check whether the script is malicious. If it is, the script can be stripped and the message will be delivered in plain text.

Email and network notifications

Policy Patrol can be configured to send email notifications to the sender, recipient, sender's manager, recipient's manager, Administrator or any other email address using notification templates with optional merge fields. Notifications can for instance be used to inform persons that messages have been delayed, quarantined or deleted. It is also possible to configure network messages that pop up on a client screen. For example, network messages might be useful to warn an Administrator that a virus has been detected.

More email management features

Policy Patrol includes more email management features such as changing the priority of messages, removing read or delivery receipts, adding attachments, attaching a business card (vCard), adding an X-header, removing words from the subject, adding recipients or senders to a filter, running a program, and more.

General features

Internal and external mail filtering

Policy Patrol checks external messages and if you have installed Policy Patrol on an Exchange Server 2000 or Exchange Server 2003 machine it can also filter and apply rules to internal messages. Since Policy Patrol can distinguish between internal and external messages, this allows you to apply different rules to each, for instance to add a different disclaimer or to send different notification messages.

Remote management

Policy Patrol can be configured remotely by installing the Policy Patrol Administration console on a remote machine and connecting to the Policy Patrol installation. If you have more than one installation of Policy Patrol, you can administer all installations from the same Administration console.

User based permissions

Policy Patrol offers advanced user permissions that can be applied to each folder or component, allowing the administrator to offload tasks such as monitoring quarantined messages and updating white lists and black lists.

Exchange 2003, Exchange 2000, Exchange 5.5 and Lotus Domino

Policy Patrol works with Exchange Server 2003, Exchange 2000 & Exchange 5.5 (or Windows Small Business Server), Lotus Domino and any other SMTP mail server. The product takes full advantage of the Active Directory structure, which enables you to select users, groups, public folders, domains and contacts from the Active Directory, and to retrieve user properties for merge fields. If you do not have Active Directory, Policy Patrol can also retrieve users & groups and their properties from Exchange Server 5.5 and Lotus Domino. Alternatively you can import users from a text file or manually enter users and their email addresses.

User licensing

Because Policy Patrol allows you to select which users to enable rules for, you are not forced to purchase licenses for all your users. If you only wish to filter emails for a limited number of users, you can simply create a connector that retrieves these users, and you will only need to purchase licenses for these users.

System requirements

To use Policy Patrol you require the following:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or (Advanced) Server, Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 5.5 (or Windows Small Business Server), Lotus Domino or other mail server
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (if you do not have this installed the Policy Patrol installation will download this for you)



Download a 30 day evaluation version of Policy Patrol Enterprise and try it for yourself. Works with Exchange Server or Lotus Domino Server.

Evaluation download



Decrease Legal Liability
Avoid Network Congestion
Stop confidentiality breaches
Improve productivity
Ensure regulatory compliance
Avoid damage to reputation
Save bandwidth
Reduce storage needs


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