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InterScan VirusWall for SMB

Version 6.02 Windows 2000/2003 Server
 - also available for Linux

Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall for Small and Medium Businesses ensures that email traffic (company or personal), is virus and spam free before it reaches your internal email system, and that web contents and files on the Internet are safe for download. While a firewall restricts unauthorised access to your network, only InterScan VirusWall ensures that threats from the Internet do not infiltrate via open communication channels necessary for business operation - Email (SMTP, POP3), Web access (HTTP), and File download (FTP). By integrating industry proven anti-virus, anti-spam, and content filtering engines, InterScan VirusWall brings complete gateway protection into one package for small and medium businesses.

Key Features

Comprehensive Gateway Protection
Email System Protection
Highly Effective Anti-Spam Capabilities
Purpose-Built for Small and Medium Businesses
Web Protection

Comprehensive Gateway Protection

Helps prevent viruses, worms and spam from entering your network through vulnerable Internet gateway access points
Integrates anti-virus, anti-spam, and content filtering into a single gateway solution, simplifying security strategy and extending the lifetime value of your investment
Scans unprotected protocols, including SMTP, HTTP, FTP, and POP3, that are exploited by attackers to carry malicious payload
Logs Internet usage, enabling employers to monitor and enforce resource use policies

Email System Protection

Protects your internal email servers from viruses and spam attacks through effective scanning of SMTP traffic
Scans POP3 email to prevent virus attacks through personal Internet email accounts, or from ISP-hosted email

Highly Effective Anti-Spam Capabilities

Integrates high-performance heuristic anti-spam engine with a spam signature database and an allowable email address table to yield accurate detection and low false positive rates
Filters spam from both SMTP and POP3 email traffic
Blocks or tags spam at the gateway before it reaches the desktop
Prevents spam attackers from using your mail server as a relay point for spam-mail

Purpose-Built for Small and Medium Businesses

Integrated solution eliminates the complexity of choosing and deploying the right combination of gateway security products
Singular package reduces initial purchase cost and dramatically increases the lifetime value of your security investment
Simplifies management tasks with an intuitive user interface and cuts training time
Guided installation wizard reduces guesswork during deployment

Web Protection

Actively scans downloaded Internet files for malicious content
Prevents employees from accidentally introducing viruses through personal Internet email accounts
Scans suspicious web programming codes such as Java scripts and applets
Tracks and logs Internet URL visits, facilitating easier enforcement of security policies



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